Gauge 3 Society shop

Just one of the many benefits of Membership is a discount on items available from  the Society's Shop.


G3 track components, together with turnout and crossing construction aids (as well as other model engineering items) are available. New items are regularly added to the inventory.


These items are purchased in bulk by the Society and enable members to obtain these essential supplies in small quantities and at a reasonable price. Please note that ONLY MEMBERS  of 'The Gauge 3 Society' and the 'The National 2½ Inch Gauge Association' are entitled to the discounted list prices. NON-MEMBERS may order goods but a surcharge (20% except where stated otherwise) will be added to the list prices.


At present, we are only able to accept orders by post.  Use this page select the items you wish to order , then print the downloadable order form and follow the instructions on that form.


N.B. PRICES : The prices offered/displayed here apply only to existing stock held by the Society.  In consequence of increases in supply costs, if fresh and/or additional stock is required to fulfil an order, the price charged will be that  prevailing at the time of delivery.


Delivery : Postage is charged at cost.


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G3 Society shop order form