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Exploring Excellence in Gauge '3'

Barry C Lane - Modelling Master Classes in the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

Barry Campbell Lane grew up in Bradford (with family in Manchester, Huddersfield, Meltham and Blackpool) and so the old L&YR area (and it's trains) were familiar to him from an early age. His career has included advertising, printing, retail promotion and latterly magazine publishing, journalism and book design. He is perhaps best known in the railway modelling world for his Editorship with David Jenkinson of 'Modellers Back Track' 

Barry's hobbies include Bluegrass music, photography and modelling. His first locomotive model was a 3mm scale L&YR 0-6-0 Saddletank built in 1958. Through his modelling Barry joined the (then) embryo L&YR Society in the late 1950's.

His 'Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Locomotives' (Published 2010 by Pendragon Press) is the definitive work for L&YR modellers and well illustrates Barry's deep understanding of the scratch builders needs.


Barry has been a Member (No 188) of the Gauge '3' Society for twenty years and in that time has produced some stunning locomotive and carriage models. He has written a number of articles about both his models and modelling methods which have appeared in the Society Newsletter.

One of Barry's Newsletter articles - "Why Gauge 3?" (from June 2008) can be down loaded as a PDF document.


Barry Lane's Gauge 3 L&YR Coach
L&YR Bogie Coaching Stock
L&YR Coach - a closer look
L&YR Carriage Interior
L&YR Barton Wright 4-4-0

Barry also provides transfers and locomotive plates for L&YR enthusiasts who would like to model the L&YR in Gauge '3'. Please see our 'Trade' page for contact details.

L&YR Transfers
L&YR Number Plates in G3
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