An affordable way to get into Gauge '3'

The 100HP Sentinel 0-4-0 VBGT

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(As Previewed in Garden Rail - April 2019) 

These models are the result of a collaboration between three Gauge '3' Society Members to develop a small RTR Gauge '3' engine that could be an affordable entry point for new-comers to Gauge '3'. Based on original Sentinel GA factory drawings and redrawn in CAD full size, the drawings were then scaled by 22.6 to give a true scale model of the original 'bunkered' prototype. From these drawings, 'master' moulds were developed and used to cast the heavy resin body parts. Laser cut frames provide a solid base for the bodywork and a two-stage axle hung motor-gearbox drives CNC turned wheels - the second axle being chain driven as in the original. Micron radio control is fitted and compliments the slow running nature of this locomotive.  The engine is painted black but unlined.


Apart from the original two prototype models (built to test the design) only four of these RTR models have been built (although one has already been sold at the AGM).  This is a therefore unique opportunity to acquire a scale model of an interesting prototype, capable of servicing the smallest Gauge '3' layout. At £660 (plus shipping) we believe this is very good value for a Gauge '3' model locomotive that comes ready-to-run, complete with radio control and basic paintwork. This engine is available to Gauge '3' Society Members for £600 (plus shipping).  If you'd like to become a Sentinel owner - please use our Contact Page and let us know!





One of the Sentinels shunting on Geoff Nicholls 'Rundle' at the AGM (29th February)

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Sentinel VBT 100HP